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Shetland Otter Beret

After the severe storm here in Shetland on Saturday, I walked to the beach on Sunday afternoon with my latest Fair Isle hat along with my camera to get some shots of it outdoors in what was left of the day light. I photographed more than I expected as I happened to amazingly stumble upon … Continue reading


A Fair Isle ‘toorie’ hat

I love the contrasts in this fair isle hand knitted hat which does brighten up a dull November day in Shetland. I have made this design a couple of times as a male colleague admired it, so I made him up one. It is great for wearing  when walking his dog in the wilds of the island of … Continue reading


And some more hats I have designed and handknitted

As I was using up wool which I had small amounts of, hats were ideal for the job. It is brilliant seeing the patterns appearing as you knit up the hat. I make generous sized hats too which are great for men. Advertisements