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Flowers and colours…

Here are a few pictures of our garden in Shetland today, in glorious sunshine! I’m having a few days off between jobs, I begin a new post new next week. I thought I would share with you some images from our garden here in Shetland when I have some spare time! I grow summer annuals from seed, beginning … Continue reading

My Dad – wooden things for wool

In this post I am sharing with you a little bit about my dad as over the last few years dad has kindly made me wooden things to use with my knitwear. These things  have been used when I have completed knitting Shetland lace scarves, woollen socks, Fair Isle gloves, or jumpers. These boards are commonly used in Shetland – … Continue reading

Shetland Otter Beret

After the severe storm here in Shetland on Saturday, I walked to the beach on Sunday afternoon with my latest Fair Isle hat along with my camera to get some shots of it outdoors in what was left of the day light. I photographed more than I expected as I happened to amazingly stumble upon … Continue reading

Ronas Voe Jumper is complete

Pictures taken by me last night at Da Blade in Heylor, Northmavine, Shetland. Worn by Christopher, my son, who kindly agreed to do this for me! Two of our cats decided to join in the photo session. Elvis is our black and white cat and Scruffy is the fluffy red and white cat. We love … Continue reading

More Heylor Gloves

I have really enjoyed making up these gloves from this simple, yet effective old Fair Isle pattern. I’ve made up three pairs of gloves using a variety of colour schemes. The ones with the dark brown fingers are from Jamieson and Smith Shetland Supreme jumper weight wool which is not dyed. I like these as … Continue reading

Heylor Gloves

I have almost completed another pair of gloves and I have used Jamieson’s of Shetland wool for the main colour – nighthawk – which is a really lovely colour. I have also put in blended colours of two greys and white – both dyed and natural. I found a small ball of a lovely pale … Continue reading

Northmavine – home

I have lived along Ronas Voe all my life starting off at Swinister where I grew up on the croft. During the first seventeen years of my marriage we lived at Ronas Voe just a half mile from my folk. Then an opportunity arose to buy a plot of land in Heylor a place where my husband had longed to live since … Continue reading