Fair Isle hats knitted during winter nights of January and February 2012

During the New Year of 2012 I began to knit quite a few Fair Isle hats to use up lots of pure Shetland wool I had accumulated over the years when knitting larger garments. I felt I wanted to have a clear out of my basket! I knew with small projects such as a hat you can quickly experiment with lots of colours and designs and have a sense of satisfaction fast and see what colours and patterns look nice for a larger garment. I hate knitting swatches, they seem such a waste of my time and to me trying out colour schemes in a hat has worked well; I have since moved onto making a men’s waistcoat and slipovers for people who have seen hat designs – both colour and pattern.
I have still got lots of wool and I am continuing experimenting, it is good fun! I am also knitting different shapes such as beret shape which is more popular for women to wear. I was recently asked by a friend to make three for gifts one to be in the USA army colours so I have used grey, black, grouse, olive green, cornmeal and other colours to blend together, this was an unusual challenge but has turned out well and maybe it is a colour scheme for a larger garment.

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  1. Thank you so much. Making the hats was a super thing to do as I have used up some of my stash of wool from my basket of little odds and ends. Hats of course are very useful here in Shetland where we can often have a breeze blowing some days!

  2. Think you for sharing! Great to see and inspiring! You’re a quick and clever knitter with a good eye for shape and color!

  3. These are beautiful. If you are selling I would be very interested. I love the colours you have used I am a knitter myself so I can appreciate all the work that has gone into them

  4. Hi Ann,
    I wonder if you could send me a message onto my e-mail at ecpoleson@live.co.uk and I can send you some images of hats I can supply. Most of them are on the blog site including all of those that are modelled. I would also be happy to make a hat from colours you select from the Jamieson and Smith or Jamieson’s web sites as they both are where I can purchase pure Shetland wool in the islands.

  5. Hi to the knitter in Shetland, thank you for visiting my blog. Your knitting is incredible and I enjoy looking at the beautiful photo’s of Shetland. We originate from The Netherlands and 25 years ago we had our honeymoon in Scotland and regretted it so much not to have time to visit the Shetlands. We will go back! So far, living abroad, lovely children etc etc have prevened it but it will happen;0) Thanks for sharing! Love from the USA from Johanna.

    • Hi Lottie,
      Thanks for the nomination! I don’t know if I will be able to answer the questions very creatively but I shall give it a go 🙂 It is an interesting method in connecting with others.

      • Just participate as much or as little as you want. I don’t want anyone to feel under pressure to do this if they don’t want to 🙂 xx

  6. Your hats and gloves are lovely and your color sense is true. Revisiting Shetland this spring, and I couldn’t be happier. Hope to stock up on more wool and maybe see an otter. Thank you for posting the photo and patterns, they are really spectacular, and have spurred me on to start the otter beret before the trip!

    • It is lovely to read I’ve spurred you on to knit. During winter it is a splendid hobby I think and I meet up and socialise with people in my community in halls over a cup of tea and a home baked nibble. Thank you for your message and I hope you enjoy your trip in Spring and look me up if you want to, Emily

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