Spring days in Shetland 2020

Last week we enjoyed some glorious Spring days here in Shetland with bright sunshine and blue skies which was very much appreciated. I had some holiday leave midweek and as one of my son’s has a sheep farm I was helping him out by taking his collie sheep dogs out for some much needed exercise as at the moment with the ewes lambing the dogs are not having so much free time with their master! The first image is of Glen. Joe is amongst my father’s tree plantation and Rab the youngest collie is looking over the sea at the view to Ronas Hill. There are primroses outside and inside the greenhouse apple blossoms. I hope you enjoy the pictures. It has been a while since I wrote a post and thought it time to do something for you.

6 thoughts on “Spring days in Shetland 2020

  1. Greetings from Patty in Utah USA. So good to hear from you, Emily! Rab looks like an eager young herder. We adopted an elderly sheepdog a few years ago, and he herds my husband and me quite effectively. He has become the love of our lives for sure.

    The four of us who visited you in 2015 send greetings and we hope for another Shetland trip in the future. Tell Tommy hello for all of us! We are using the glove blockers and think of you out there is that most beautiful landscape.

    • Hi Patty, it’s so lovely to read your message! Dogs are very easy to fall in love with I find, though my husband’s not quite so sure! He’s more of a cat lover. The weather hasn’t been too bad here and the grass is coming in now on fields and greenish tones are more obvious. It would be marvellous if you all could get here in future! I’ll very much look forward to that. I’ll pass on your greetings to Dad who’s always glad to hear news from friends. Glad glove boards have been useful! Love to you all xxxx

  2. Spring came to Utah in the past two weeks and now it seems that summer is imminent. What a crazy climate! Who know how the world will go with COVID19 but we are hopeful to get back to our travels eventually. We will definitely keep you informed. So sorry about Wool Week’s cancellation this year. Is anyone doing an online market for the vendors who would have been associated?

    • I don’t know much about online vendors – but our own knitting and craft group have just begun to meet on Zoom once a week having gotten fed up not seeing each other and sharing our projects! It worked well on our first night with 7 of us and this week there are 11 of us meeting! Our Spring went back to winter! We had snow, hail, sleet and lots of wind. Some of the little lambs have had a struggle and have been taken back inside to save them from hypothermia and to top up their milk supply as their mother’s struggle to produce enough milk. It seems to now be milder and the grass is growing again which is good. I do hope the ‘world’ gets back to normality soon as it is horrid being isolated from family and friends. Here in Scotland our first minister is taking a careful and cautious approach which is good.
      Best wishes and love to you all, Emily

  3. We may be coming back to Shetland in 2022! May not get there for Wool Week but it would be so nice to see you again when we do. We are thinking a bit earlier in the year. I hope all the lambs survived okay. I sure bottle feeding them all was exhausting.

    Thank goodness for online group meetings! That allows us to feel less isolated and see ur kids and grandkids a little. Our Salt Lake Guild will be having a group online meeting this next week. It has been too long since we have seen each other.

    Shetland and Scotland have indeed done a wonderful job at corralling COVID19. The US has done a terrible job of it, but some states were better than others. Hoping a vaccine will be widely available soon so we can resume “normal” life with friends and family.

  4. Coming earlier in the year is a good idea, I’d love to see you all. There are now 15 pet lambs! I’m back at work (from home) so I’m not feeding them 😂 Though I love to see them all running races! Yes, thank goodness technology helps us all keep in touch with each other and a vaccine can’t come soon enough. Keep safe X

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