New Fair Isle patterns

I have been knitting up a few simple Fair Isle cowls and headbands recently in preparation for teaching Fair Isle during this winter in the local primary school. I learnt Fair Isle from some marvellous and generous ladies and now want to do the same.

I am feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves! I certainly don’t think I’m expert at Fair Isle though I am experienced! Having been dabbling in Fair Isle knitting since a cold and wet Easter holiday with an aunt in the mid 1970’s I have continued to knit Fair Isle throughout my life. I love using colours, so interesting I find the process.

With cowls and headbands there’s no steeking though most other key skills are used, casting on, off and increasing and decreasing.

A small item like this can be a colour experiment for a larger garment too, and with the weather now cooling down in Shetland, who doesn’t need a woolly accessory!

My first class begins in January, after I have finished my Christmas knitting! The Christmas colours cowl is available on my Ravelry Emily Poleson Designs – Top of the Skorde

8 thoughts on “New Fair Isle patterns

    • Relaxing with the two colours of wool on same row is important, as pulling too tight isn’t good – that’s probably my first tip. Lace knitting probably daunted me but getting a bit more familiar with this now. Good luck!

  1. I have seen evidence that you are, indeed, an expert! My favorite is the XOX one in purple and red. These look like good winter gear for Shetland.

  2. Morning,
    I would like a hat are you still making them and sending to mainland.
    I liked one on the photo of the table of hats.

    • Hello Gary, I don’t knit to sell as a rule, and I made up your last order as a one off! I sell knitting patterns online with Ravelry and LoveKnitting. I work full time and knitting is a hobby. I hope the gloves were okay for you? I am busy knitting for family just now before Christmas. During my Christmas holidays I am preparing to take a Fair Isle night class, this is a new adventure!
      Apologies for not offering to knit for you this time,

  3. Can’t find the appropriate spot to leave message. I am most interestied in your father’s wooly boards. I live in Texas, USA. I am Dreamweaver on Ravelry. I would love price and time frame for ordering one. Thanks.

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