Flowers and colours…

Here are a few pictures of our garden in Shetland today, in glorious sunshine! I’m having a few days off between jobs, I begin a new post new next week. I thought I would share with you some images from our garden here in Shetland when I have some spare time!

I grow summer annuals from seed, beginning them off in the greenhouse on the croft. I love bringing things on from seed; it is such a marvellous thing to watch, the transformation from tiny seed to gorgeous flowers or indeed vegetables, to eat!

We also keep aside some grass which we leave to do it’s own thing, where beautiful wild flowers emerge. Just now the mauve or lilac Scabious wild flowers are thriving, such a lovely flower, especially when it grows in drifts on the heathland.




Californian Poppy – one of my favourite annuals


Marigold – Calendula – this grows so well here in Shetland and survives often into the late autumn where sheltered


Rosa rugose – the bird’s love these to eat later on in the autumn!


Scabious wild flowers growing freely in the long grass


Fushia – a hardy variety which we have as hedging


Geranium – brilliant flowering one which hasn’t stopped all summer


Cosmos – does so well even with a gale of wind as it seems to just sway back and forth without getting damaged!


Lovely Orange King marigold – Calendula


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