Pastel Fair Isle Gloves

At last I have settled down to completing the pattern…..

For these Pastel Fair Isle gloves which are inspired by all the beautiful sea pinks, roses, pale blue skies and wonderful long day light hours we are enjoying in the Shetland isles at the moment – which is where the yellow and white come in! If you’d like to make up a pair for yourself the pattern is available on my Ravelry store here  or on LoveKnitting

You’ll see from the last picture below that I haven’t stopped at knitting one pair of summery looking gloves – the other pair will become available too over the coming weeks.

The gloves are knitted up using Shetland 4ply wool from Jamieson & Smith who are one of my local wool stores here in Shetland. The weight of the wool is called ‘jumper weight’ by us here in the isles.


9 thoughts on “Pastel Fair Isle Gloves

    • Hi Angharad, I heard about your blog from a mutual friend – Connie – I love learning about knitting and traditions associated with it from other parts of the world.
      Thanks for your message, Emily 😊

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