Frilly Pixies

Here are a selection of some of the Frilly Pixie hats I have hand knitted for some little girls, aged between 6 months to 3 years old. Frilly pixie hats are quite popular here in the Shetland isles with a revival of folk knitting them. Many young girls wore them in their childhood several decades ago. I have made mine using Shetland wool, though one of these is made from merino. They’re very appealing and practical too, as they’ll not blow off, if outside in a gale of wind!

A pattern will become available in the near future, for the Shearer Frilly Pixie (I have named it here, as a reference to readers). My  friend has notes of a  pattern, handed down through a few generations of  her family, which are being prepared for publication. Once available, I’ll let you know!

8 thoughts on “Frilly Pixies

    • Hi,
      Yes, it became available. It is on Ravelry under the designer name Linda Shearer. There are two versions ‘Mae’ Frilly Pixie and ‘Willa’ Frilly Pixie. I hope you can access them there. If not is may be possible to write to Linda directly for the paper version of the pattern. Let me know if any problems. Please note we usually knit these with non-Shetland wool, as the hat being for little ones, we don’t want their heads to become itchy at all – as sometimes people find this with a Shetland wool hat but as an adult we can pull off the hat!

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