Christmassy Knitwear from Shetland and Memories of Kenny

Emily's Christmas Fair Isle Beret and Gloves


I had some lovely Shetland wool in my box just waiting to be made up into a Christmas hat and glove set. The wool used is from Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, the colour is Madder (587) alongside some Shetland white wool (it is up to you whether you go for natural undyed or the one sold which is bleached). The Fair Isle charts are from my collection and using some basic arithmetic worked out the sizing for myself. I have the gloves ‘dressed’ or ‘blocked’ on my boards made by my father – he does have a few spare sets ready for selling on nowadays as word has got out that he makes fine wool accessories. I recently posted off a jumper board he’d made to Germany where they have been very gladly received!

I have a break coming up from my work starting next week and look forward to spending some time charting up my first hat pattern, I recently charted my first glove pattern and can be found on Ravelry.

I hope you all have a great time over the coming weeks if you celebrate Christmas, it is a special time of year. It will be especially poignant as we as a family remember Kenny my sister’s son, who died aged 25 years in early October. He had Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an aggressive and rare type of this disease and despite trying every type of chemotherapy he was offered, he lost his battle with this terrible, horrid, cruel and destructive illness. My sister Elaine and Kenny’s siblings Innes, Tom, Emma and Lisa have all been so incredibly strong and steadfast as they have faced losing Kenny. I dedicate this post to them all.  I must go now, as I get emotional here, but in the New Year I hope to get my blog back on track, as maybe you have noticed I have been a little quiet this year!

All the very best to you and yours.

8 thoughts on “Christmassy Knitwear from Shetland and Memories of Kenny

  1. Beautiful set! I’m sure they will be well received! I’d love to know more about your fathers glove boards and sweater boards. Is there some way I could see his products for ordering? Let me know! Thank you and have a very Happy Christmas!

    • I can arrange for you to have some pictures of his glove and jumper boards sent to you. I think I can see your email contact address on your message – can I use this? I will be back in touch over the weekend, if this is what you would like.

  2. Beautiful hat & gloves. I also would be interested in your father’s boards. My good thoughts to you & your family and your sister & her family.

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