Gloves heading for Bergen

Geir's gloves Geir's glovesGeir's glove wool Gro's gloves  Gro and Geir

I have been knitting gifts to send over to Bergen. Yesterday, I pictured the gloves before posting them across to my friends Gro and Geir (pictured above whilst on a walk in Eshaness, Shetland in July this year).

I’d earlier knitted a beret for Gro, which is pictured here worn by my niece Aimee.  The gloves are made with the same red, green, yellow, black and dark fawn will match. I have used Shetland jumper weight wool, or 4 ply.

Gro's beret worn by Aimee
Geir’s gloves are made using a combination of two wools. The brown main colour is Norwegian. I purchased it in Bergen in August this year. The one 50g ball of PT 2 from PT Design was plenty, even with the long fingers and generous cuffs. I love gloves to have a generous cuff so as you have warm wrists! It is a nice wool and has been great to use along with Shetland Supreme jumper weight wool bought from my local wool shop.
I have not made many pairs of men’s size gloves before as men in my own family don’t tend to wear them opting for gloves which they can use whilst working with shellfish, sheep, salmon farming or welding! However, I have enjoyed knitting these up so much that one of my next projects will be a pair fingerless gloves for my nephew who is a 2nd year student at Gray’s School of Art at Robert Gordon University. I think a pair may be useful for him whilst he is working outside at this time of year with photography, sketching and other activities.

I couldn’t resist showing you a picture of one of our cats ‘Scruffy’ who was outside for the whole of last night and came home earlier on for a bit of sleep next to my knitting on the sofa. He is the fluffiest cat we’ve ever had and so very adorable. My son Bobby found him for us when he was babysitting for friends in Tingwall with his fiancée Kayti. Our very old cat Sooty had died and both my husband and I had had red and white cats when we were children, and thought we would like a red and white one but hadn’t factored in one with very long fluffy hair. He keeps it nice though and allows us to brush him.

7 thoughts on “Gloves heading for Bergen

  1. I love this hat in such gorgeous vibrant colours, and such a nice shape modelled by your lovely niece.

    So sorry to hear in your recent post about the loss of your nephew. I have a cousin facing her first Christmas without her husband after his own long battle with cancer. Their only son in his early twenties will find it particularly hard with no siblings to share the loss of his Dad with. Your beautiful cat and absorbing knitting projects are a bit of solace.

    I visited Shetland with some of my knitting group 18 months ago and absolutely loved it. We plan to go back another year for wool week. I wrote a blogpost on the trip with some photos which I can read as a reminder. Wishing you and your family a peaceful Christmas and a positive new year xx

  2. Hello I have just seen the lovely gloves that you knitted to send to Norway and I wondered if it is possible to buy a pattern at all please. Thanks.

    • Hi Karen, I haven’t written up a pattern for any of the garments in the post here. I have to date only written two patterns which I have for a pair of gloves and a man’s hat, both are Fair Isle patterns using Shetland wool. Which of the garments would you like a pattern of? I could possibly email you something in a week or so.

  3. I love your designs and colour combinations .
    I also love your fabulous cat, Scruffy !

    I was particularly interested to read your comment on intending to knit a pair of fingerless gloves. I suffer from cold extremities and a pair or two of these would make a welcome change from wearing my old socks with the feet cut off ! Am I right in assuming that they would have a thumb ‘hole’ ?
    Whenever you have time , maybe you could attach a photo of any you have made and give me an idea of the approximate cost. I am in no hurry.
    Warm regards,

    Mike Cramer

    • Hello Mike,
      Yes, I do have opening for the thumbs. The fingerless gloves usually have half of fingers covered, or thereabouts. I don’t mind knitting you up some over festive season and can post out to you. My email is If you could let me know what colours to use and I wonder if you’re hands are largish, broad or basically quite average. I have 4 sons and notice theirs are all a little different!
      Scruffy is sitting curled up snoozing on the sofa, he’s sure a lovely cat.
      Thanks for your message.

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