Norwegian Inspired Mitts

I visit Norway for the first time this year during July and August with my youngest son David. It will be both our first trips outside of the UK. My husband dislikes air travel and he’ll stay home, working on his shellfish boat. With Norway in mind I have been working on some Norwegian charts which I have located in a book I was gifted at Christmas. Here I share with you a little taste of what I have completed so far.





7 thoughts on “Norwegian Inspired Mitts

      • I find that colour is always trial and error for me. Sometimes shades you think look good together just don’t have enough contrast to stand out, while others that seem to clash can give colourwork the ‘pop’ it needs. The difference between looking at the yarns in the ball and in the finished object can be quite startling, but I really love your colour combination, especially the deep purple with that juicy shade of green! 🙂

  1. Hi, I love even the idea to knit warm norwegian inspired mittens in spring time… this could be me! It’s a pitty, after having knitted a lot of socks & mittens at the beginning of the last year it was to much so I had a surgery on my hand… Since then half an hour knitting I take along half a week.

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