Heylor Gloves


Looking out to the mouth of Ronas Voe. I am lucky to have such a view from my front window.

Looking out to the mouth of Ronas Voe. I am lucky to have such a view from my front window.

I have almost completed another pair of gloves and I have used Jamieson’s of Shetland wool for the main colour – nighthawk – which is a really lovely colour. I have also put in blended colours of two greys and white – both dyed and natural. I found a small ball of a lovely pale green/blue which I have placed in the middle of the pattern and as it is a ball I have had for many years I have no idea the colour name or where in Shetland I bought it but it is great to find such a nice shade to blend with.
I have quite long fingers so it is great to get make your own and have a comfortable pair to wear, though hopefully I won’t need to wear them for quite a few months.
Summer has arrived and the wild flowers are blooming everywhere along the road verges, in the hills and along the cliff edges. It is quite hectic outside with the sounds of the birds such as the Oyster Catcher and Artic Terns which are nesting all around us at Heylor. The long evenings with the sun setting at the mouth of Ronas Voe are so wonderful to see on a clear and calm night.


9 thoughts on “Heylor Gloves

    • I would like to write up the pattern but I don’t have the computer software at the moment to do so but it is something I could aspire to do if there would be enough interest in the designs and Shetland wool combinations of colours I have created. Here in Shetland many people can do what I do and so there is nothing special about what I am doing, but not so many blog about it!
      I will give this some thought and thank you for encouraging me to think about this. In the islands self employment and self reliance in regard to livelihood are aspects of our identity.

      • If you have Excel and Word, you can write up your pattern and publish it. Just chart the pattern in Excel and copy and paste it into Word. If you have Adobe, just save it as a PDF. Voila! Pattern created. That is how I’m writing up patterns, though I’m sure a specific knitting software package would be much faster.

        Things most of us do as a ‘normal’ part of our living – say me for living on a farm and doing all sorts of ‘farm work’ plus crafty things – we don’t see as anything special. We always need to keep in the forefront of our minds that many, many people today are so disconnected from the land, animals, and ‘doing things’ and they don’t have many opportunities to learn. Teaching others and sharing what you do are precious gifts that we can give to others so that traditions and ‘real’ ways of life are not lost. It inspires others and helps them to understand how things connect in life, giving meaning. (Didn’t mean to get so deep but just had to this morning!)

        Thanks for sharing your pictures of your part of Shetland with us and your beautiful knitwear!

  1. Thanks for the tips I do have these on my computer. I will need some time I expect to get this done. Possibly a wet and windy day I will have a go but today is fine for the garden and working at my parent’s croft.

  2. Thanks, I will need to give this some serious thought. I think that with a little time I can attempt this though my first love is creating. It will be interesting to do though and a new skill. 🙂

  3. I think I took some photos of an otter just off that little point in your photo, so must have passed right by your house! It’s lovely to read about how someone lived growing up in Shetland, and I envy you your rootedness. I also envy your knitting skill. (I have no such talent!) Where can we buy your hats and gloves? Thanks for following my blog.

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