Ronas Voe

Ronas Voe

I am nearing the end of this jumper now and I am adding in a hood to give it a more modern feel. I can’t wait to get it on!


10 thoughts on “Ronas Voe

  1. Beautiful! You have more patience then I do. I started one many years ago – then ripped and made socks ๐Ÿ™‚ Traditional Fair Isle … Bless your talent. I spin to relax and knit more rustic or instant projects. I do occasionally design myself a challenge; like my huge lace circular shawl. I love pattern and textures and your work is wonderful!

    • Thank you, that is so nice. I have more patience for Fair Isle than lace – I can do the New Shell, Horse Shoe and the Old Shale but all the rest I don’t have the concentration level needed to stick with it. Our house is quite busy with family and lace is something I may get to grips with in the future. My father makes spinning wheels but strangely I have never tried using one. I also have a son who has over 100 sheep – some of them are bred from Shetland pure bred flock book society rams which have excellent wool fleeces. It is something I think may well get into in the future.

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