Northmavine – home

Sunset in the garden at HeylorSummer in the garden - Heylor, Northmavine 2011The view from our garden - Heylor, Northmavine, Shetland

Digital StillCameraMy garden in June 2009 along Ronas Voe at HeylorI have lived along Ronas Voe all my life starting off at Swinister where I grew up on the croft. During the first seventeen years of my marriage we lived at Ronas Voe just a half mile from my folk. Then an opportunity arose to buy a plot of land in Heylor a place where my husband had longed to live since first seeing it in February 1982, the day after he met me. So we went for it, and have now lived in Heylor for over five years in the house we had built very close to Da Blade looking out towards Da Faeder a wonderful huge stack of rock at the mouth of Ronas Voe. It was along these shores that I went off to the eela many a time with my father in his boat to catch makerel and piltocks, on really fine summer nights. We chugged seven miles from the head o’ da voe. Later he anchored his boat in Heylor and cut down the journey to da eela. We had some tasty suppers when we got home with the fish, bread and kirn milk, rhubarb or strawberry jam and fresh butter. I never did get to like bland though! Da Lang Ayre is a place not everyone knows about as it is quite a long walk over Ronas Hill to access and it is advisable to walk to only on a nice day. Fishermen in their boats off coastline at the back of Ronas Hill get to see it easily from the sea. The view of Da Lang Ayre  I am sharing here, was taken by my brother James a few years ago and his daughter Aimee is in the foreground. It is a really lovely picture, showing off the reds in the rocks and sand on beach against the greens of the grass. This is the most beautiful place with the reds in the rocks – a colour which I love and I  use in my knitting often as well.

I love poppies and lupins, so my garden is really colourful in late May to early July with lots of bright colours. I grow many plants from seed which I bring on at Swinister in the greenhouse I share with my folk. Having a look through these pictures on a cold December night with a sprinkling of snow outside reminds me of the wonderful summers we have had – honestly.


5 thoughts on “Northmavine – home

  1. Wow, what an amazing and dramatic landscape – thank you for posting all these beautiful photos! As a person who has moved around a fair bit and now lives a long way from “home”, I think there’s something special that you have lived in such a beautiful and unique place all your life.

    And your flower border looks wonderful, so neat and tidy too (the gardener in me is particularly impressed by that, my borders never look so well laid out).

    One day I’d love to visit Shetland (it is my dream to visit during the Wool week, as then there would be so many woolly and crafty activities going on too).

  2. These pictures are so beautiful. Makes me yearn for warm summer days. You are so blessed to live in a beautiful place!

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