Hello and welcome!

Bobby’s hoody jumper – Bobby chose most of the colours himself for this jumper and stipulated that the colour violet was a ‘must have’ in the colour scheme. It turned out quite nice! In this picture it is worn by my nephew Keiryn.

Gro's Fair Isle Beret
Gro’s Fair Isle beret modelled here by Aimee, my neice at a beach near to Scalloway in summer 2012.

Hello and welcome,

This is my very first post and I hope you enjoy seeing my Fair Isle knitting which I have designed and knitted up myself and shall share with you in this blog.

I live in Shetland and I am a keen hand knitter, especially of Fair Isle patterns. Shetland has a very strong history of kniting and of using the pure Shetland wool from the Shetland sheep.

I love the creativity of Fair Isle patterns.It is exciting as you experiment with the vast colour palette available in the pure Shetland jumper weight and lace wool. I also love the variety of reactions I get from family and friends as they see my work taking shape- such as “that is very dull”.

Here is a taste of some of my knitting designs which I have made over the last couple of years which I recently had my neice and nephew model.
I really hope you enjoy seeing my work and enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!

    • Thanks Libby! I was taken by your work also. Lovely.
      I am very new to blogging and a little unsure of what I am doing so I am really practicing I feel at the moment. I am on Raverly – under Heylor – where much of my recent work is shown.
      I am lucky living in Shetland as I can see all the lovely wool colours at the local shops made from the Shetland sheep’s wool.

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I think I shall have to visit you more often! I am a knitter as well but not nearly to your level. Lately I have been trying to decode old Victorian patterns and writting them in the format we are used to now a days. I may need to pick your brain and see if you have any insites when I get stuck. You have already clued me in that my latest project has likely been done in a to heavy wool!

    • Hi, I am glad I have been of some help but I really don’t do a lot of lace knitting, as I like Fair Isle more. I am used to doing what we call the Old Shale pattern and also the New Shale (Shell) – these are very easy. I like the cockle shell pattern, but it doesn’t like me as I always have a problem at some point with it when I knit it. I find I don’t have the quiet space you need for lace in our busy household! Please ask though if you do have questions and I am going to take a look at the pattern you put up – I found the whole thing very interesting. Thanks

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