My Granny’s Gloves

My granny lived a full life and passed away aged 102 years and 8 months (I think it’s important to acknowledge the months too) in 2018. When visiting granny in her later years I took my knitting endeavours with me, mostly Fair Isle garments and accessories but sometimes Shetland lace such as a hap (shawl). … Continue reading


Spring days in Shetland 2020

Last week we enjoyed some glorious Spring days here in Shetland with bright sunshine and blue skies which was very much appreciated. I had some holiday leave midweek and as one of my son’s has a sheep farm I was helping him out by taking his collie sheep dogs out for some much needed exercise … Continue reading

New Fair Isle patterns

I have been knitting up a few simple Fair Isle cowls and headbands recently in preparation for teaching Fair Isle during this winter in the local primary school. I learnt Fair Isle from some marvellous and generous ladies and now want to do the same. I am feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves! I … Continue reading

Flowers and colours…

Here are a few pictures of our garden in Shetland today, in glorious sunshine! I’m having a few days off between jobs, I begin a new post new next week. I thought I would share with you some images from our garden here in Shetland when I have some spare time! I grow summer annuals from seed, beginning … Continue reading

Pastel Fair Isle Gloves

At last I have settled down to completing the pattern….. For these Pastel Fair Isle gloves which are inspired by all the beautiful sea pinks, roses, pale blue skies and wonderful long day light hours we are enjoying in the Shetland isles at the moment – which is where the yellow and white come in! If you’d like … Continue reading

Frilly Pixies

Here are a selection of some of the Frilly Pixie hats I have hand knitted for some little girls, aged between 6 months to 3 years old. Frilly pixie hats are quite popular here in the Shetland isles with a revival of folk knitting them. Many young girls wore them in their childhood several decades … Continue reading

My Dad – wooden things for wool

In this post I am sharing with you a little bit about my dad as over the last few years dad has kindly made me wooden things to use with my knitwear. These things  have been used when I have completed knitting Shetland lace scarves, woollen socks, Fair Isle gloves, or jumpers. These boards are commonly used in Shetland – … Continue reading

Shetland Otter Beret

After the severe storm here in Shetland on Saturday, I walked to the beach on Sunday afternoon with my latest Fair Isle hat along with my camera to get some shots of it outdoors in what was left of the day light. I photographed more than I expected as I happened to amazingly stumble upon … Continue reading